Merger FAQ


FAQ’s for BuilderFusion Customers

Q: What was announced and what does it mean?

A: BuilderFusion is being acquired by GrowthZone (formerly MemberZone), a leader in association management software and a provider to nearly 3,000 associations – including over 150 builder associations.


As a result of the acquisition, BuilderFusion software users will see positive product enhancements over time and improved customer support and training.


Q: When will the transaction be completed? What are the next steps?

A: The transaction was completed on October 31, 2017.


Current BuilderFusion customers do not need to take any action at this time. GrowthZone will be in contact with you to introduce themselves and offer product support.

Q: Is this good for Builder Fusion customers?

A: Yes, because BuilderFusion software users will benefit from both companies’ combined and unprecedented knowledge and experience in the building and trades association market. Not to mention an expanded support team and more frequent product updates and enhancements.


Q: Will GrowthZone maintain and support BuilderFusion’s product?

A: Yes, GrowthZone will maintain and support the product. The support team contact information remains the same (Phone: 801-765-0191 and email:


Q: Will this change affect my pricing or contract with BuilderFusion?

A: No, your contract and pricing will not be affected.

Q: Will the name of the software change?

A: There is currently no plan to change the product name. The only planned changes will be improved user experience and product enhancements.


Q: Will this change affect the people I am working with at BuilderFusion such as support?

A: No, you’ll still work with the same great support team in Utah, plus additional support team members at GrowthZone’s headquarters in Minnesota.

Q: Who is GrowthZone?

A: GrowthZone AMS helps associations grow and retain membership, engage and inform members and prospects, and streamline tedious tasks. GrowthZone products are easy to use, and designed to manage all the day-to-day operations of associations around the globe. Guaranteed.


Q: Where/how can I learn more about GrowthZone?

A: Visit the GrowthZone website:


See customer testimonials and case studies from several HBAs who use GrowthZone: